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On-the-job pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2019 | Car accidents

Some pedestrian accidents happen during the day, while others take place at night. Some involve the use of alcohol or drugs, and others happen because a driver loses control of his or her vehicle after going over a slick spot on the road. It is important for pedestrians to understand the different ways in which these accidents occur and some even happen while a worker is performing his or her job duties. Some occupations are especially likely to result in a pedestrian accident, such as those who work on road construction crews and those who are hired to stand alongside the road while holding a sign. Sadly, these accidents can be devastating for employees as well as the companies they work for.

Even workers who do not frequently find themselves walking across or alongside roads may be involved in a pedestrian accident while on the job. For example, a worker may be asked to run errands, such as buy coffee, and they may be hit by a car while doing so. Or, someone may be hit by a car while working on company property. For example, a driver who is backing into a garage may fail to notice that someone is standing behind them.

Regardless of the way in which a pedestrian accident occurs, significant consequences may follow. Pedestrians have lost their lives and suffered overwhelming injuries in these wrecks, and the toll that these accidents can have on victims and their loved ones can be unimaginable. As a result, workers who are involved in these types of incidents should be fully aware of any legal options they have.

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