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How to maximize your recovery after a car accident

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Firm News

Car accidents are rarely straightforward. In one recent case in Georgia, a man drove his vehicle into a front yard, injuring a young girl playing. With this case, it is easy to determine the driver was at fault and acted negligently. 

However, not all car crashes are as straightforward. You may share part of the blame, or the other driver may try to claim you should. You have a right to compensation after a collision, and there are steps you need to take in the immediate aftermath to try to maximize your recovery. 

Remain proactive

You never want to cut corners when dealing with your auto insurance. You need to contact your provider as soon as you can. You should provide pertinent details, such as the other driver’s insurance information and driver’s license number. During this time, you also want to report the accident to the police. Even if the property damage is minor, a police report can help you immensely if this case ends up going to court. 

Be careful of what you say

You have to talk to a lot of people after a collision. You need to speak with police officers, your doctor and your insurance adjuster. You also need to talk with the other driver. Throughout all this, you need to be cautious of what you say. You do not want to tell anyone you feel fine because someone could misconstrue this as you saying you do not have any injuries that require compensation. 

Be wary of anyone offering you money

The other driver may offer you money at the scene to make this all go away. If you take money, then you limit your ability to file an insurance claim later. You also need to be cautious if your insurance company offers you a payout quickly. They may try to get you to settle for less than you deserve, so have an attorney read over any agreements before signing them. 

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