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How much is a car crash settlement in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Car accidents

Before you look up any information about average Georgia car crash settlement amounts, you should consider this question: Is your car crash average? Probably not — your situation is unique to you.

Because your settlement should address your injuries, your loss of work and your pain and suffering, average numbers will probably not do you any good. It usually makes sense to look at exactly what happened. That means investigating not only the accident itself but also the events in your life while you started to recover from your injuries.

The reason it is so important to make an individual analysis of your case is that insurance companies will probably be doing the same thing. Although many people view their primary opponent in a car-crash case as the other driver, the people you probably have to convince often work for the other driver’s insurance company. As explained on FindLaw, insurance would probably pay the settlement you negotiate. Therefore, it is usually wise to communicate with them in a way that they understand.

Unsurprisingly, one of the best ways to convince an insurance company that you deserve full compensation for all of your injuries is to show them hard evidence. Future treatment outlooks for your specific injuries, evidence of your pain and suffering, and financial documents that depict your economic losses will all probably be important parts of your arguments. Insurance companies rarely offer the full amount of compensation first, although it may correspond with average or above-average compensation for a car crash.

In summary, you probably want to be compensated for your injuries, not what people suffer on average from an auto accident. Although it may seem easier to simply accept an offer from an insurance company, remember that initial offers may be only a fraction of what you will eventually pay for your injuries. At the very least, you should analyze your case in detail before you sign any types of releases, agreements or contracts with any other party involved in your crash. This is only background information. Please do not use it as legal advice specific to your case.

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