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A look at how exoskeletons could revolutionize workplace safety

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2019 | workers' compensation

Reducing the chances that workers will be injured at work is something that many companies in Georgia have as a priority. Preventing injuries from happening is a combined effort of both employers and their employees that can be achieved through training, adherence to protocols and mutual recognition of potential hazards in the workplace. 

An innovative move toward reducing the number of injuries in the workplace and subsequently optimizing workers’ compensation resources, is the use of exoskeletons. These devices are designed to increase the productivity and effectiveness of a worker’s efforts while providing added protection in the form of support and reinforcement. When workers do not have to exert as much physical effort toward completing their jobs, they may be less prone to getting injured on the job. 

Another interesting concept of these devices is that they could potentially help injured workers return to their jobs faster by allowing a recovering worker to complete job responsibilities without having to put as much physical force or effort into his or her job. With the excitement of such an invention, there are also questions about its long-term effectiveness. Some people are concerned that prolonged use of an exoskeleton could put significant strain on a person’s body resulting in permanent changes that could cause chronic pain. It will be difficult to tell whether or not there are any notable negatives until exoskeletons are used for a long enough period to identify its effects on the people using them, as well as the companies they are used at. 

If people are having a difficult time getting their workers’ compensation claim processed, they may wish to turn to an attorney for help. Seeking compensation for a work-related injury can be complicated at times and a legal professional can help to optimize an injured worker’s efforts. 

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