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Occupational injuries and hotel workers

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | workers' compensation

Hotel workers suffer a disproportionate share of the injuries seen among service industry workers in this country — and their injuries tend to be more serious. In particular, workers tasked with cleaning hotel and motel rooms tend to suffer the most.

Why is working in a hotel so dangerous?

There are a lot of different tasks required of hotel employees. Just the constant bending, lifting and carrying associated with changing bed linens, washing sheets, pulling off comforters and emptying the trash can put a tremendous strain on a housekeeper’s back. That strain can be worsened when they do deep cleaning in the rooms and have to move furniture to sweep or flip a mattress.

But housekeepers aren’t the only ones burdened with excessive injuries. In places that service continental breakfasts or those that have room service, kitchen workers tend to have a high rate of traumatic injuries — likely burns and cuts from working with dangerous tools and cooking devices.

What happens when a hotel worker is injured?

A back injury, a burn or carpal tunnel syndrome can put a hotel employee out of work for an extended time. Getting proper treatment without the benefit of insurance can be impossible — which means that injuries may take longer to heal (or not heal at all).

Like others in the service industry, most hotel workers are covered under the workers’ compensation system. If you’re a hotel worker who was injured on the job, find out more about the benefits that you’re eligible to receive. An experienced advocate can help you through the entire process.

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