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Did an aggressive dog cause you a personal injury?

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When you take a walk through your Georgia neighborhood, visit a friend or go to a park, it is not uncommon if you encounter other people. Their dogs might accompany some of them. You might be used to being around dogs; in fact, you might be a dog owner yourself. Then again, you might not consider yourself an animal person, so you haven’t spent much time around canines.

Dog owners are obligated to control their pets to keep anyone who comes in contact with them safe. If you suffer a personal injury because of an aggressive dog attack, the dog’s owner might be liable. There are certain breeds of dogs that are known to be more aggressive than others. If you’re near a dog and you notice signs of aggression, you may be at great risk for an attack.

Understanding dog aggression

If a dog exhibits dangerous behavior toward people or other animals, then it may be an aggressive dog. Signs of aggression include barking, snarling, growling or lunging. Biting is the most serious form a canine aggression. Do you consider yourself a socially anxious person? Just like people, dogs, too, can suffer this type of anxiety.

A dog that feels socially anxious, fearful or territorially defensive may show signs of aggression or attack without provocation.

These breeds of dogs are often aggressive

A Chihuahua is one of the smallest canines in the world, but it also happens to be one of the most aggressive. While Chihuahuas weigh only about four to six pounds, they can cause serious injuries if they attack. Dobermans, pit bulls, chows and huskies also have aggressive tendencies. Does this mean that you should be fearful any time you encounter one of these dog breeds?

There may be dogs from these bloodlines that are gentle, docile and friendly. There may also be dogs from other breeds with typically friendly natures that become aggressive or even attack. Most dog professionals say the aggressiveness of a dog has a lot to do with its owner or its training.

Recovering from a dog bite

If a dog attacks you, you can wind up in the hospital with serious injuries. You might need stitches or surgery if a bite sinks through your muscles or tendons. Such injuries are typically quite painful, and depending on the severity of your condition, you might need physical therapy to regain full use of the injured body part.

The road to recovery can be long and arduous after a serious dog bite. Medical treatment, pain medication, therapy and other related expenses can add up quickly and spark concerning financial distress. Georgia dog bite victims may seek financial recovery for their losses in a civil court.

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