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Troopers work to determine cause of fatal motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Car accidents

A recent fatal car crash here in Georgia has left investigators with more questions than answers. When this happens, law enforcement and other professionals work tirelessly to determine exactly what led up to the incident. Determining the causes may mean criminal charges for the person at fault or other legal recourse on behalf of victims. For now, police and the family of a woman who died are left wondering what caused the fatal motor vehicle accident.

Police say the crash happened on a recent evening around 10 pm on a local road. A sports car was heading east while a sedan was traveling on the same road in the opposite direction. The vehicles apparently collided head-on, with the main impact around both driver’s side headlights.

The woman driving the sports car died as a result of the crash. The condition of the other driver is not known at this time. Police haven’t stated which driver may have been to blame for the collision. Sometimes, in crashes like these, one car drifts over the center line and strikes the other. This can happen when a driver falls asleep, is intoxicated, or is distracted while driving. Police have not publicly speculated on any of these possibilities.

Once law enforcement’s investigation is complete, it is possible that they may file criminal charges, especially if the woman who survived is found to have caused the motor vehicle accident. If that is the case, the family of the woman who died could also pursue a wrongful death claim against her. Conversely, the woman who survived could have a claim for personal injuries against the estate of the deceased driver. A successfully-litigated claim could result in monetary damages that may be used to cover costs and other monetary damages related to the crash. Those here in Georgia in a similar situation may want to consult an attorney to determine what the best course of action may be.

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