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Daycare negligence: Toddler almost crosses highway

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Daycare negligence

Many parents in Georgia have to rely on daycares to tend to their children. They trust that these care facilities will keep their kids safe while in attendance, and that is usually what happens. Unfortunately, all too often children are hurt while at a daycare facility, often due to circumstances that should never happen. One recent incident out of state could have ended in serious tragedy, but even though the child involved was unharmed, the facility is now under fire for what some say are repeated incidents of daycare negligence.

Authorities say that a toddler at a daycare facility called Little Sprouts was left unattended. The child almost walked onto a highway, but a teacher was able to get the child to safety before that happened. Still, a woman driving by, as well as a few other witnesses claim the child was outside for approximately five to 10 minutes unsupervised. Little Sprouts has been shut down for 90 days while authorities investigate and the director makes improvements to the facility to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The director claims that the teacher went inside to take a child to the bathroom when the toddler got out of the fenced-in yard. She also says that she notified parents about the incident, though some parents dispute that claim. Some say they will not use Little Sprouts in the future to care for their children, but other parents say they believe the facility will make necessary changes to keep kids safe and will therefore continue to send their children there.

Thankfully, no children were hurt, but this could have ended much differently. Georgia parents should be able to trust that those caring for their kids will take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents from happening. Daycare negligence should never be taken lightly and families who have experienced it may want to consult an attorney regarding the matter.

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