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Drunk drivers make Georgia roads dangerous

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Car accidents

You and every licensed driver in your Georgia household no doubt practice safe driving habits every time you get behind the wheel. If you must navigate a construction site, or inclement weather such as a sudden hail storm occurs, your risk for collision increases. There are certain issues that should not be present on state roads that place you in immediate danger for serious personal injuries. Such issues pertain to drunk drivers.

When you make your morning or evening commute to or from work, or travel to the store to buy groceries, etc., you have a right to reasonably expect that the motorists with whom you’re sharing the roadway will adhere to traffic laws. Alcohol impairs brain function, which is why drunk drivers often have difficulty controlling their vehicles. If a person consumes alcohol and then drives and causes a collision that results in injury, that person can be held financially accountable in court.

Can you recognize signs of drunk driving?

In most cases, you have no way of knowing whether a nearby driver is dealing with intoxication behind the wheel. Many drunk drivers make errors while driving, however, and learning to recognize signs of possible intoxication in a motorist might help you avoid disaster. The following list includes common errors drivers acting under the influence of alcohol often make:

  • Drunk drivers often drive with tires on both sides of a yellow line.
  • If you notice a vehicle weaving in and out of its lane or drifting far to one side or the other, be alert because the driver might be dealing with intoxication.
  • If it’s nighttime and you notice that a particular vehicle does not have headlights turned on, remember that this is one of the most common errors drunk drivers make.
  • You’re supposed to travel in accordance with posted speed limit regulations while keeping with current traffic patterns, meaning that, if traffic suddenly slows down, you must slow down, too. A drunk driver might randomly apply brakes or travel at speeds too slow or too fast for current traffic flow.
  • Intersections are always dangerous sections of road. Pay close attention to drivers who are navigating turns and be especially alert if you witness a driver signaling left but turning right or vice versa because this is a sign of possible intoxication.
  • Also, be leery of a driver who is taking turns too wide or so tight that he or she clips a curb. Alcohol impairs depth perception, and drunk drivers often have a lot of trouble navigating turns.

If you see a car headed straight for you on a Georgia highway, try to move to the side while flashing your lights and honking your horn to alert the driver that he or she is headed the wrong way. Sadly, there’s often little to no time to react swiftly or safely enough to avert a crash.

The sudden impact of collision may result in injuries that include severe lacerations, broken bones, internal organ damage or brain trauma. When another person’s negligence or reckless driving behavior is to blame for your injuries, you shouldn’t be the one who has to pay all the medical bills or struggle to make ends meet when you lose income because you have to take time off work during recovery. Many accident victims seek financial recovery for their losses in court.

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