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Motor vehicle accident results in serious injuries for both drivers

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Car accidents

Some car crashes leave both drivers with very serious injuries. This can make victims feel as though they should not attempt to hold the other driver responsible. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, as police won’t hesitate to file criminal charges if a driver broke the law and caused a motor vehicle accident. One recent crash here in Georgia that left both drivers with severe injuries may demonstrate this fact, as police work through their investigation.

Police say that the collision happened on a recent weekend evening. One vehicle was traveling north, approaching an intersection. Another vehicle heading west allegedly did not stop at the red light, running into the first vehicle. The driver of the second car was apparently thrown from his vehicle and both drivers had to be rushed for medical attention.

Authorities report that both drivers suffered serious injuries. Though officials are still investigating to determine exactly what happened, they have indicated they will likely file criminal charges in connection with the incident. There is no word on which driver may be charged and police haven’t said whether they believe there were any contributing factors to the crash, such as intoxicated driving.

Once police have closed their investigation and have filed criminal charges, that may be only the beginning. The driver believed responsible for the motor vehicle accident could also face a personal injury lawsuit filed by the other driver. Victims in a similar situation may find that this is the most effective means of obtaining financial compensation to cover outstanding medical expenses. An attorney here in Georgia with experience in this type of case law can advise those who have questions.

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