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Deadly pedestrian accident may have been due to drunk driver

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Pedestrian accidents

Though most any Georgia driver can wind up in a car accident, most motorists will take necessary precautions to prevent them from happening. There are some drivers who not only fail to follow basic traffic safety, but who make deliberate choices that may impede their ability to drive, putting others in needless danger. One example is a driver who consumes alcohol or drugs before getting behind the wheel, which is what police say caused a recent pedestrian accident that cost one man his life.

Authorities say that the collision happened on a recent early morning in Atlanta. A man driving a passenger vehicle allegedly ran off of a local roadway, crashing into three vehicles. Police claim the driver was speeding excessively and that one of the vehicles he struck even hit three other cars in a parking lot. However, the worst is that a pedestrian in the area was apparently struck and critically injured. In spite of being rushed to a nearby hospital the man died a short time later.

Police say the driver suffered minor injuries and it does not seem that anyone else was injured. The accused driver has been charged with multiple offenses including DUI and homicide by a vehicle. It is not clear how police determined that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Though the driver may be facing serious consequences if convicted on any of his criminal charges, the family of the man who died may have other means of obtaining justice. They could choose to file a wrongful death civil claim against the driver or any other party deemed responsible for this pedestrian accident. Those in a similar situation here in Georgia may want to seek out legal advice to determine their available options.

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