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Motor vehicle accident results in death for teen, infant

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Car accidents

Any kind of fatal car crash is tragic, but the event can seem even more upsetting when it involves the death of young people. A recent motor vehicle accident here in Georgia resulted in the deaths of two people, a teen just starting her adult life and an infant who will never have the chance to grow up. Family members are surely devastated at the.

According to police, the crash happened on a recent weeknight in Atlanta. Two cars were allegedly spotted speeding on the interstate and a trooper attempted to pull one, a sports car, over. The trooper claimed that the vehicle reached speeds over 120 mph and would not stop, causing the officer to give chase. Police report that the sports car took an exit off the interstate, still traveling at a high rate of speed, and struck three vehicles.

The driver of the sports car allegedly fled his vehicle on foot, but police say they have identified him and are working to apprehend him. They say they used surveillance video, though it is unclear where that video came from. In one of the vehicles involved in the crash, two people died, an 18-year-old woman who was pronounced dead at the scene, and an infant who died after being taken for treatment at a nearby hospital. Three other people were also injured as a result of the crash, but their conditions are reported as stable.

When this man is apprehended, it is likely that he will face significant criminal charges, but that may not be all. The families of the victims who died and any injured parties may decide to pursue civil litigation in relation to this motor vehicle accident. With the help of an attorney here in Georgia, that could be a means of achieving monetary damages that could help those involved cover expenses related to this tragedy. This is also an option that may be available to others in a similar situation.

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