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Avoiding a slip and fall on the ice

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | slip & fall accidents

Though most of Georgia hasn’t seen much snowy or icy weather just yet, the cold season is only beginning. Dealing with iced-over roads or walkways in the wintertime is something many people across the country have to deal with. Though the best solution is to stay home during this type of weather, that’s not always possible for everyone, but a slip and fall on the ice can cause a person significant injury. Fortunately, there are several helpful suggestions for walking on the snow and ice that can help people stay safe.

One of the easiest solutions is for people to make sure they are wearing proper winter attire. This includes good footwear. Choose shoes that offer good traction, rather than ones with smooth soles. This is the same idea as equipping a vehicle with all-weather or winter tires that give more traction on icy roads. Furthermore, making sure to dress for warmth also helps as it is easier to balance when one’s body is relaxed.

The way that people walk can help them navigate an icy walkway as well. Health experts say that shuffling one’s feet and using small steps to walk, like a penguin might, may help. Keeping feet flat on the ground and pointing the toes out can also help with balance. One potential danger many overlook is the moment they get out of their car. Experts say to make sure both feet are in full contact with the ground and to use the doorframe of the car itself when standing up out of the vehicle.

Even with these helpful hints, it is still up to business and property owners to make sure that walkways and parking lots around their property are reasonably free of ice and snow. A slip and fall on the ice can cause serious injury that may require significant medical expense for treatment. Those here in Georgia who have had this happen to them may want to talk with a personal injury attorney to determine what means of legal recourse may be available.

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