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Truck drivers are at risk for distractions, too

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Truck Accidents

The temptation to multi-task while behind the wheel is strong in casual drivers and commercial truck drivers alike. In fact, the truck drivers might be more prone to distraction simply because they are behind the wheel for such long stretches of time. The desire to pass the time or use time productively can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, any activity that takes a driver’s attention from the road can lead to serious collisions on city streets, county roads and highways.

What are some common distractions that truck drivers might face?

  • Dining and driving: Whether it is a long-haul driver making their way across the country, or a delivery driver working a long shift in and around the city, the temptation to snack while behind the wheel is strong. It could be a bottle of water, a travel mug of coffee, a bag of potato chips or a takeout fast-food dinner – dining while driving is a dangerous habit.
  • Talking on a cell phone: Many drivers pass the time by speaking with people on their cell phones while behind the wheel. This can be a distracting activity cognitively, visually and manually. Drivers might decide to reduce distractions by completing the calls using a handsfree device. According to numerous studies, unfortunately, handsfree is not significantly safer than handheld.
  • Distractions outside the cab: Truck driving distractions are not limited to the activities and electronic devices inside the vehicle itself. Many times, drivers find themselves reading digital billboards, examining a construction site or watching what drivers in vehicles around them are doing. All these actions remove focus and attention from the road.

When operated by a distracted driver, trucks can become a destructive force. Due to their greater size, collisions involving these vehicles can cause devastating property damage and catastrophic injuries. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who can answer your questions about monetary compensation.

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