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How to stay safe on a spring break road trip

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2023 | Car accidents

Spring break will arrive soon, prompting thousands of young people to hit the road in search of vacation and adventure. However, the roads also have countless hazards that can contribute to lifelong personal injuries, even for cautious drivers. If your teenager or college student is planning a road trip for the spring, these are a few wise words of safety advice you should give to them.

Easy tips for a safe trip

A few proactive measures can make for a much safer spring break road trip. Take a look at these and share them with your child before they leave:

  • Service the car

Whether they will be borrowing your car or driving your own, make sure your child takes it to the shop beforehand for a tune-up. A standard 10-point inspection is the minimum necessary to make sure the car is fit for long-distance driving. Have them ask the service technician whether there are additional safety features that they can add for a reasonable price.

  • Put down the phone

Texting while driving may not sound serious to a young person, but wizened adults understand how dangerous it is. Have a frank, direct conversation about not texting while driving, even if it is to respond to a message or call of your own.

  • Drive defensively and stay alert

Obeying the rules of the road is just the start when it comes to safe driving. Drivers should also keep their eyes peeled for motorists who are drifting over the lines, tailgating, speeding and otherwise driving recklessly. Safe driving cannot always prevent a wreck, though.

  • Know what to do after a wreck

Even safe, defensive drivers can suffer a wreck due to another driver’s negligence. In case of an emergency, this is what your child should do:

  1. Get medical attention immediately
  2. Call the police to have them file an accident report
  3. Get the name, contact information and insurance information of the other driver and any witnesses
  4. Take photographs of the crash site and any injuries
  5. Do not speak with an insurance company representative until they have counsel

Spring break should be a time of fun, freedom and relaxation. Teenagers and college kids might not have safety at the forefront of their minds when preparing for a vacation, but, with these smart tips, they can enjoy their free period while staying safe and giving you peace of mind.

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