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Hit and run leaves pedestrian with serious injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Car accidents

Most Georgia residents likely see media reports about hit and run accidents from time to time. Unfortunately, according to a recent report, one such incident occurred close to home, in Peachtree Corners, on Feb. 22.

The reports indicate that a light-colored four-door car with tinted windows struck a pedestrian just after midnight. Although images of the vehicle were released to the public shortly after the incident, there were no arrests made in the immediate aftermath. As of Feb. 24, the police were still searching for the vehicle and the driver. However, with the recklessness involved in this incident it is likely that the driver will face serious criminal charges upon arrest.

There were no details released regarding the pedestrian who was struck, although the reports do indicate that the pedestrian suffered serious injuries. Law enforcement officials were actively engaged in attempting to find anyone who may have witnessed the incident.

Pedestrian hit and runs are a major issue not just in North Georgia, but throughout the country. As more and more drivers are distracted while they drive — whether it is from cell phone use or drinking and driving — more pedestrians come into harm’s way.

If a driver in a hit and run incident is caught, the driver will not only be facing a criminal case, but there is also a chance that an injured pedestrian could pursue the driver in a civil case as well. The pedestrian will most likely need to seek compensation in order to cover the costs of medical bills.

Source: Peachtree Corners Patch, “Peachtree Corners Hit-and-Run Injures Pedestrian,” Scott Bernarde, Feb. 24, 2015

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