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Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program — Don’t drink and ride

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2016 | Motorcycle Accidents

For all of the previous posts here regarding the danger presented to motorcyclists by other vehicles on the roads of Georgia, the fact remains that there is another danger on the roads that motorcyclists need to be aware of — other motorcycle riders. Many of our readers have probably seen groups of motorcycles traveling down the highway at some point in time. How many have wondered, “What if one of those riders was intoxicated?” There is definitely a danger there, and the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program, along with the Department of Driver Services, have joined together to warn motorcycles of the dangers of drinking alcohol and riding.

In fact, while the legal limit for the blood alcohol content for motorists — .08 percent — applies to motorists and motorcyclists alike, the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program, pointed out that riding a motorcycle after consuming even one alcoholic drink could present problems. Why? Well, riding a motorcycle requires a great deal of skill, balance and experience. Anything that can have a negative impact on those important factors could lead to a motorcycle accident.

Groups like the GMSP do important work in raising the issue of motorcycle awareness on the roadways of Georgia. But, it is equally important to point out the danger of riding a motorcycle while intoxicated — the danger to an individual riding and to other riders as well.

There’s nothing wrong with a group of friends going out for a motorcycle ride on a nice day. But, that kind of camaraderie can be shattered if one of the motorcyclists places the person’s life and the lives of the other riders in danger by consuming alcohol before riding.

Source: The Valdosta Daily Times, “Spring Tip for Motorcyclists: Designate A Sober Driver/Separate Drinking from Riding,” April 5, 2016

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