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Some common causes of truck accidents in Georgia

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Many Georgia residents may get nervous when they are sharing the road with large commercial vehicles. This is understandable, especially since the potential for catastrophic damage and injuries can be particularly high in a truck accident that involves a passenger vehicle. However, some of our readers may not know some of the common causes of truck accidents.

First, semi-trucks have mechanical issues that are inherently limiting. For instance, these large trucks need more time and space to slow down, which can be a dangerous issue when a truck driver is in a situation where quick thinking and reflexes are needed to avoid an accident. The truck driver may take the correct action but the limitations of the truck itself may lead to an accident.

Another problem is that due to the size of semi-trucks these vehicles tend to have larger “blind spots” than passenger vehicles. This means that if a passenger vehicle is in semi-truck’s blind spot, the truck driver may make a turn or attempt to change lanes without knowing that a car is present. This can lead to a potentially deadly truck accident.

Of course, it is also not uncommon for truck drivers to violate federal trucking regulations, or even drunk behind the wheel. Whatever the cause of truck accidents in Georgia, injured victims may need to think about having their situation evaluated for the potential to pursue financial compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Doing so may get the victims the financial resources they need to recover and pay for medical costs.

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