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Why you need to know your long-term care ombudsman

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2017 | nursing home abuse and neglect

You may have met nursing home directors across the state of Georgia as you looked for a safe place for your loved one to live where he or she can receive round-the-clock attention. Interviewing those who work in the facilities is one way for you to get an idea of the value they place on preserving the dignity and quality of life of the residents. Our legal team at H.L. Cromartie III, P.C., understands that this process does not end after the move, as your continuing vigilance may reveal cases of abuse and neglect that were not at first apparent.

You cannot spend all your time monitoring the facility, but fortunately, as The Georgia Department of Human Services’ Division of Aging Services explains, you are not the only one keeping an eye on the conditions of your loved one’s new home. A long-term care ombudsman also performs this role, and is professionally situated to assist you in uncovering and dealing with issues.

Education is one key to ensuring a safe nursing home facility. Your ombudsman works with staff, residents, families and others in the community to provide information about elder rights and needs, and ways to get involved in improving residents’ lives. To allow the ombudsman an opportunity to view firsthand the conditions in your long-term care facility, he or she visits regularly and is available to listen to concerns. You and your loved one have the right to bring any issue to the ombudsman without fear of retaliation.

More information about the rights of nursing home residents is available on our web page.

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