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Protecting customers from slip-and-fall accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | slip & fall accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are a common hazard in retail stores in Georgia. Wet floors are usually the main culprit. Floors may become wet due to customers tracking in rain, from spills or by watering systems in certain areas of a store. According to Chain Store Age, there are over 9 million slip-and-fall accidents each year that cause injuries. Store owners are liable for these injuries, which can add up and affect business.

One good way to prevent such accidents from occurring is to use mats. Mats made for retailers are designed to lay flat without curling or introducing new fall hazards. They soak up moisture from wet shoes and stop it from getting spread to slick store flooring. These mats can also be used in areas, like garden centers and produce sections, where water may be sprayed regularly.

Employers should also focus on employee training when it comes to slip-and-fall hazards. They should be made aware that any wet flooring needs to be handled immediately, along with being trained to properly clean up spills or standing water. Managing such issues should be handled by all employees and management as a team effort to keep the store safe for customers.

Wet floor signs are a common sight in retail locations, but as Cleaning and Maintenance Management Magazine notes, overuse of such signs can cause further issues. Customers may become so used to seeing these signs that they become ineffective. This makes it important for employers to make sure signs are only being used when the floor is wet and removed once the floor is dry. 

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