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GPS and distracted driving crashes

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | Car accidents

We have analyzed motor vehicle collisions from many viewpoints, whether they are the result of someone’s decision to drive inebriated or ice on the roads. However, distracted driving is especially rampant and there are many different reasons why drivers take their eyes or attention away from the road. For example, some people might become distracted while they are trying to use their GPS.

A GPS device can distract a driver in various ways. In some instances, a driver might struggle to understand the information provided by their GPS device, causing them to divert their attention from the road. Drivers can also become distracted while they are trying to enter information into their GPS or use the device. When these distractions take place, drivers might look away from the road for a few seconds. Although this may not seem serious to some people, taking your eyes off the road for a very short period of time could be enough to cause a fatal motor vehicle accident.

From severe injuries to death, distracted driving crashes can be extremely devastating. Unfortunately, many lives have been lost because of simple distractions that took a driver’s attention away from the road for a matter of seconds. If you were struck by a driver who you suspect was distracted, such as someone who you noticed was using their cell phone before the crash, you should stand up for your legal rights.

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