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Nausea following a motor vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Car accidents

When a traffic collision occurs, the accident can affect those involved in a multitude of ways. Even in the absence of physical injuries that are immediately obvious, such as a broken bone, the collision could affect victims in other ways. For example, someone might feel nauseous following the accident. In some instances, these feelings are simply the result of extreme stress. However, feeling nauseous after a motor vehicle collision could also be an indicator that someone has sustained brain trauma.

If you feel like throwing up after a crash, you should try to identify any potential injuries that you may have suffered in the accident at once. For example, you should make sure that none of your internal organs have been damaged, that you have not sustained a neck injury, and that your brain was not damaged in the accident. Sometimes, brain injuries are not always evident and it can take some time before a victim realizes that they have sustained brain trauma. If you feel like throwing up or do not feel very well after a traffic accident, it is important to ensure that you have not suffered a traumatic brain injury, especially if you hit your head in the accident.

When car accidents take place, the lives of everyone involved can be turned upside down in different ways. Physical, financial, and emotional problems are not uncommon. As a result, victims should stand firm for their rights. The car accidents portion of our office’s blog covers other aspects of traffic crashes.

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