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Can an accident be caused by driving on autopilot?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Car accidents

Our law firm has gone over many motor vehicle accident causes and responsible drivers are well aware of the dangers associated with drunk driving, speeding, and other types of reckless behavior. However, motor vehicle crashes take place for a plethora of reasons and some are less conspicuous. For example, someone who is very familiar with a route they drive on a daily basis may become less attentive or ignore hazards because they are driving on autopilot—and we are not referring to self-driving vehicles.

For many people, most days involve the same driving routines and roads that have been traversed many times. Unfortunately, a driver’s familiarity with certain roads does not make them immune to an accident, and may even increase the chances of a crash, in some cases. Sometimes, people drive on autopilot and do not pay as much attention to the road or feel as if they can get away with using their cell phone or other distracting activities because they think they know the roads well enough.

When it comes to driving, complacency can lead to significant injuries or even prove fatal. Sadly, many people ignore these risk, especially if they dread their daily routine and are looking for diversions to help pass the time as they head to or from work. Even if you are fully aware of these risks, another driver who is driving on autopilot after a long day in the office may turn your world upside down.

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