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Facial scarring due to a car crash

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2019 | Car accidents

The emotional and financial consequences of a car wreck can be devastating, whether someone has trouble paying their hospital bills or sustains deep mental trauma as a result of the accident. However, the physical toll can be unbearable as well, and people are injured in many ways during these wrecks. Not only do some accident victims suffer broken bones, brain trauma and damage to their back or spinal cord, but some may sustain injuries to their face which result in scarring. Facial scarring can be especially tough because accident victims may be repeatedly asked questions about what happened, and they may feel insecure about their appearance.

When a car crash occurs, those involved may sustain a number of facial injuries. For example, a victim may suffer a deep laceration, which results in a lot of pain and leaves a permanent scar. Or, they may sustain a burn injury, which may even require skin grafting. Whether someone is struck by a shard of glass, experiences disfigurement after their face slams into some part of the vehicle or is badly burned, our law office realizes that these injuries can happen in many different ways.

Facial injuries can bring a number of long-term consequences and can be very costly from a financial and emotional point of view. Unlike other injuries, which may be easier to conceal from people, facial injuries are often very apparent, which can make them especially difficult for auto accident victims to deal with. As a result, victims should look at their legal options.

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