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What are the injury dangers that retail workers face?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | workers' compensation

Consumerism is a big business here in Georgia. It’s no wonder that many customers and employees alike get hurt while visiting or working at retail stores every year here. Although there are dangers associated with different types of retail establishments, there are certain ones that are common at all of them.

One of the more common hazards that retail store workers have to contend with is slippery or wet floors. These can be caused by several factors including customers spilling products, water being tracked inside the store from outside and employees not thoroughly mopping up messes, adequately buffering floors or cleaning up puddling from leaks.

Another hazard that both retail workers and shoppers have to contend with is navigating cluttered aisles. Stocking equipment, shopping carts, fallen merchandise and product displays are some of the obstacles that visitors to and employees at a store have to contend with. They have to try to avoid colliding with or tripping on these objects as they navigate these paths.

Workers at retail stores are at great risk for developing repetitive stress injuries from performing the same tasks repeatedly. These employees also run the risk of getting hurt as they lift products to put them on shelves or get them down for customers. This is especially the case if these workers fail to utilize proper lifting techniques to perform these tasks.

All types of retail workers are vulnerable to cutting themselves with sharp objects like box cutters. Grocery store employees that work in the meat or deli departments run the risk of getting cut by slicers.

Warehouse and hardware store workers are often required to use heavy equipment such as forklifts to move stock from one area to the next. This machinery can be quite dangerous for a worker who hasn’t been trained to use it. Equipment like this can easily turn over if an employee attempts to pick up a heavier load than they should. This leaves them vulnerable to getting hurt.

There are many dangers that retail workers face while on the job. While many of these are likely to leave a worker with minor injuries that they can ultimately recover from, some of them may kill them. An attorney can help you recover the funds that you’re bound to need to take care of yourself if you get hurt on the job here in Georgia.

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