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Dog bite attacks often require costly medical treatment

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

It’s not unusual for a person to occasionally suffer a minor bite from their furry friend. Then, there are times that bites aren’t so minor, particularly if the pet believes it’s threatened by another person or animal. A dog bite attack can cause serious injury, and even prove fatal in some cases. Georgia families may be interested in the recent case where a dog attacked an elderly woman and a police officer before being stopped.

Authorities say that they responded to a report of an elderly woman being bitten by a dog on a recent early morning. The dog allegedly bit her several times and caused serious injury. When police arrived, they claim the dog broke free of a collar and charged them. Their report says the dog bit one of the officers. Unfortunately, police had to shoot and kill the dog to prevent it from harming anyone else.

The woman and the police officer had to be taken for medical treatment at a nearby hospital. It is not entirely clear what the dog owner’s role was in this incident, though reports say that he or she was unable to maintain control of the dog. Police are still investigating exactly what happened and will release their findings once their investigation has been completed.

A dog bite attack can be devastating, especially when it involves a larger or more aggressive dog that can cause a great deal of injury. An attack like this one may require significant medical treatment, which may mean a financial burden for victims. However, some victims may be able to file a civil claim that may result in monetary damages that can cover these unexpected costs and related damages. Those here in Georgia who want to know their available legal options may want to speak with a personal injury attorney to determine how to proceed.

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