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Fatal construction accident out of state has ties to Georgia

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | workers' compensation

The construction industry is vital to the infrastructure of this entire country. As important as it is, it can present serious risk of injury and even death for workers. Despite that, federal and state regulations outline the measures that companies must take to prevent a construction accident. However, companies don’t always follow these guidelines. Representatives for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are looking into a recent fatal accident at a construction site out of state and they say the case may have a very interesting tie to Georgia.

Authorities say that the incident happened at the construction site of an Amazon fulfillment center. Two workers lost their lives and investigators, who haven’t released many details about the accident, say they are still working to determine what happened. They are also investigating whether the company commit any safety violations that may have contributed to the employees’ deaths.

The construction company at the center of this incident was also contracted to build a similar facility in Georgia earlier this year. OSHA representatives say that the company commit a serious safety violation and was fined more than $5,000. Reportedly, the violation was regarding employee training. If OSHA determines that the company has commit any violations in relation to this most recent incident, a subsequently-issued fine could be even greater.

Even if the construction industry carries a greater risk of injury for workers, that doesn’t absolve a company from ensuring the safety of its employees. An injured worker or the family members of a worker who dies on the job may want to file for workers’ compensation benefits, whether the inciting incident was a construction accident or not. Those who are unsure of how to handle a claim for these types of worker benefits may want to consult an attorney here in Georgia who can offer professional assistance.

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