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Causes of fatal ear-end motorcycle accident uncertain

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Traffic crashes are an unfortunate occurrence every day here in Georgia. When they prove fatal, the families of any victims may struggle to deal with the aftereffects, which can be both emotional and financial. When the exact cause of a crash isn’t apparent, that uncertainty may only add to a family’s grief. One recent motorcycle accident has left authorities with questions about what exactly happened that resulted in the death of a 41-year-old motorcyclist.

Police say that a man was riding a motorcycle north on a state highway on a recent weekend evening. A pickup truck traveling in the same direction allegedly struck the motorcycle rider from behind. Although the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet, police say that he died at the crash site.

The investigation into why this collision occurred is ongoing. Officials say that they do not know the exact reason why it happened, nor have they speculated about any possible causes. However, they have said that they do not suspect that impaired driving contributed to the outcome of the crash. The man driving the pickup truck has not been charged with any crime, but police have not said that he is clear of any wrongdoing.

Though police may decide not to charge the pickup truck driver with a crime, this isn’t the only means of legal recourse available to the motorcyclist’s family. They could decide to file civil litigation in the form of a wrongful death lawsuit with the assistance of a Georgia personal injury attorney. Doing so could result in the payment of monetary damages that may help the family cover expenses related to the motorcycle accident. It could be the best way of holding a responsible party accountable.

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