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Winter weather likely to hit Georgia: Be prepared

| Dec 20, 2020 | Car accidents

The truth is that it’s not very common to see snow in Georgia. As a southern state, there are very few days that reach below freezing, so even if snow does fall, it’s less likely to cause problems.

Slick roads and icy conditions can still happen, though, especially with major storms. A news report from Dec. 17 reported that there will be a large winter weather storm that could have significant implications across the southern United States.

Winter storm to strike in Georgia

In most years, Georgia is able to avoid heavy snowfall, but snow is predicted from northern New England all the way south to Georgia during this serious storm. It’s expected to cause dangerous travel conditions and power outages.

What should Georgia drivers do to prepare for wintry weather?

Drivers in Georgia should prepare for wintry weather by first looking at the forecast before heading out. If snow will be falling, remember that there may be ice on the roads or some slick affected by sleet or snowmelt.

If you haven’t driven in winter weather conditions before, plan to give yourself more time to get where you’re going. You should also check your tires and be sure they have enough tread to handle any water that may be on the roads. Slow down, too, so you can maintain better control of your vehicle.

It’s possible that there could be a greater number of car crashes because of the snowfall in Georgia or other winter weather conditions. Be prepared when you head out, so you can minimize the risk to yourself or others. If you’re struck by another at-fault driver, remember that the other driver may still be held responsible for the damages they cause.

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