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3 tips to help you stay safe on your motorcycle this summer

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Once temperatures increase and precipitation slows down, motorcyclists across from Georgia head out in large numbers. Although some people ride all year round, many motorcyclists only use two-wheeled transportation during the warmest and driest part of the year.

If you are planning to get your bike out of storage in the next few weeks, this is a good time to go over a little refresher on summertime motorcycle safety.

Don’t ride without gear

The open-air riding experience on a motorcycle is a quick solution for the extreme summer heat. Those riding motorcycles will perceive the ambient temperature to be much lower than those who are stationary or in enclosed vehicles.

High summer temperatures don’t mean that you should leave your skin exposed to maximize how cooling your ride is. Wearing appropriate warm-weather gear can help protect you if there is a crash of some sort without overheating you every time you stop at a red light.

Always prioritize visibility

Speaking of gear and intersections, it is important that other people notice you so that they don’t make maneuvers that endanger you. Although black is the universally approved aesthetic for motorcycle riders, reflective and brightly-colored gear could draw a driver’s attention and potentially save your life.

When driving during transitional times of day, late at night or in times of inclement weather, you are at even higher risk, as other drivers are less likely to look for or notice you.

Remember that motorcycle maintenance is safety-critical

Keeping your bike in perfect working order is even more important than properly maintaining a four-wheeled motor vehicle. If something goes wrong with your bike, you could get thrown off of or injured in traffic when it doesn’t perform the way you expect it to.

However tempted you may feel on a sunny early summer day, you should not go out for a ride before you have done the necessary annual maintenance and ensured everything is in working order. Checking your bike every time you get on it can help you catch dangerous issues before they put you at a disadvantage in traffic.

By prioritizing certain safety practices, you can potentially reduce your risk of a motorcycle collision this summer in Georgia.

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