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How often is alcohol to blame for commercial truck crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Truck Accidents

There are many kinds of crashes that occur on the Georgia public roads, but collisions between commercial vehicles and smaller passenger vehicles are among the worst. The major difference in size and weight means that there is often horrifying damage to the smaller vehicles involved in such collisions.

Obviously, you would prefer to avoid the kind of crash that could completely demolish your vehicle and cause life-altering or fatal injuries to the people riding with you. When you understand some of the top causes of commercial vehicle collisions, you may be in a better position to protect yourself.

Alcohol contributes to all sorts of crashes in Georgia and across the country. How often is alcohol to blame for semi-truck collisions?

Despite strict rules, some truckers drink and drive

There are very different driving rules that apply to those with commercial licenses as opposed to those who have standard driver’s licenses. Someone in control of a commercial vehicle is typically subject to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit twice as strict as the typical driver. A BAC of 0.04 is enough for a commercial driver to face arrest and charges. According to data gathered in 2019, roughly 2% of fatal commercial truck crashes involve alcohol.

Some of those tragic collisions occur right here in Georgia. There was a multi-vehicle crash in Camden County on July 1, 2022, that highlights how bad choices by a truck driver can have catastrophic consequences. In this tragic scenario, the crash completely closed I-95. Multiple people wound up hospitalized for serious injuries, and four people died.

One of the two semi-truck drivers involved in this multi-vehicle wreck is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash, which is likely why they lost control of the vehicle.

Who is to blame after a commercial truck collision?

There are numerous different parties who may have liability for a commercial vehicle collision. In a scenario involving a drunk driver, the driver may be primarily to blame. Their employer could also be somewhat responsible if they hired someone with a known history of alcohol abuse or drunk driving.

Typically, there will be insurance available to those affected by commercial vehicle collisions, although some people may have to pursue compensation by filing a civil lawsuit. Learning the most common causes of trucking crashes can help you prioritize your own safety out on the Georgia roads.

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