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A trucker’s mental health can be the cause of your collision

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Car accidents

To many, trucking is a glamorous job where you get to travel for days, see scenic views, maybe even visit a famous monument and get paid for your time. Maybe that was once the life of trucking, but the modern reality is a lot grimmer.

Truckers are often sitting in the sun for most of their time, yet, despite how relaxing it may seem, sitting for long hours of the day can wear out your body. Many truckers also don’t have many opportunities to stretch or take care of their hygiene. Also, truckers often don’t get three hot meals a day – many truckers are lucky to get one moderately greasy, high-calorie meal a day. And, sleep almost seems like a dream for some truckers who face strict deadlines.

The physical and mental health of a driver often goes hand-in-hand. When you add this all up, the physical health of a trucker can lead to mental conditions that often cause many car collisions. What kind of mental conditions can a trucker experience? Here’s what you should know:

The dangers of long-term isolation

Trucking, as you may be aware, is a solitary job. For some that can seem like a dream job, but it’s often a reality not worth having. Many truckers leave their families for long durations and that can slowly cause the physiological feeling of loneliness. Isolation can make some people lose touch with their emotions and some drivers may develop depression.

Growing depressed on the road

In today’s modern world, many people develop depression, but there may be no other career worse than trucking that causes such mental conditions. Depression can cause people to experience suicidal thoughts that, in turn, can lead to insomnia, eating disorders and other physiological issues. It often doesn’t help that truckers may also develop depression because of their physical issues.

When a trucker develops so many medical problems, they may struggle to perform their job. While that could mean a trucker misses a deadline, the truth may be that they put other drivers and themselves in danger. Trucks carry a ton of heavy material and when they’re the cause of a collision, many people can become seriously or fatally injured.

Victims of trucking accidents should understand that they have legal rights when seeking compensation for their injuries and medical bills.

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